in search of the perfect slippers

this time of year, my feet always seem to be freezing... so i'm constantly on the lookout for the perfect pair of slippers. these pairs score points for being cozy and cute.

1. these "simply slate slippers" are simply adorable. $18 from francine toukou.

2. classic moccasins are girlified with a pretty, vintage-inspired floral print. $14.99 from urban outfitters.

3. contrasting fabrics and a unique crossover style give these slippers feminine appeal. $25 from juju baju.

4. these hand felted merino wool slippers are almost too pretty to wear... almost. $70 from bure-bure.

5. my sister knitted me a pair of slipper-boots like these and they are super comfy and warm! these ones have pom-pom ties for extra cuteness. $34.95 from altrec.



Robin said...

nice! i'm a slippers convert!

those slippers donica made you are really cool. if she had gotten wise and opened up an etsy shop, she would have just had a nice blog feature!

Donica said...

haha, i should have thought of that! oh well...
thanks for mentioning me in your blog : )

Joyce said...

Super cute, Lesley! My purple slippers have seen better days, but I love the ones Donica made for me, too. Donica, you can always have an etsy shop when you're home with a baby (not that that's a hint or anything!)