a compendium of curiosities

if you are in new york city this holiday season, you absolutely *must* stop by bergdorf goodman to see their window displays. my husband and i were in the city a couple weeks ago, and i was absolutely blown away by the imaginative, elaborate installations.

the theme is a compendium of curiosities, and the whimsical displays take inspiration from alice and wonderland, m.c. escher, and vintage victoriana. check out these photos i took of my favorite windows...

i took about a thousand photos, and none of them do the windows justice. go see them for yourself if you can, you won't be disappointed!



Robin said...

yeah, they are awesome. we were just strolling by and we must have stopped for a half hour just checking them all out.

i was a big fan of the animals playing musical instruments... oh yeah, and i think fashion was somehow involved.

Christie Chase said...

thanks for sharing these pics. I wish I could have seen the windows in person this year, the creativity is always so amazing!