paris photos by karen mordechai

i think these photographs by karen mordechai capture the essence of paris perfectly. the light, the colors... everything is just so dreamy :) and she gets extra points because she photographed one of my favorite places in the world.

karen is a food stylist and photographer, and she is also one of the people responsible for the popular brooklyn cooking class/dining experience called sunday suppers. check out the sunday suppers blog and karen's personal blog for more gorgeous, mouth-watering photos!



Conversation Pieces said...

Loving the slightly annoyed Parisan girl! You got have attitude in Paris ;)

ulysses101 said...

The pictures are just fabulous and surreal - as if there are from a perfect world filled with tea and roses. Very pretty!

Robin said...

wowwww... those are some really good photos.

Jennifer said...

She does great work....I've also seen some of her food styling shots....so pretty!

Jen Ramos
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toujoursdimanche said...

This is the kind of contrast and desaturation I like in photos. Beautiful.