shoes as art

i've been perusing spring 2010 runway show photos for a couple weeks now, and i've been really inspired by everything.  it seems like this season designers have been paying a little extra attention to what i consider one of the most important elements of any outfit... the shoes!  the latest trend is definitely form over function... shoes as art.

here are some of my favorites... i probably won't be wearing any of these any time soon, but they sure are lovely to look at!

colorblocking, mismatched patterns, and architectural platforms at versace

fierce spiked stilettos with matching socks at 

...and the most insane/amazing/ridiculous shoes ever at 
i watched the live stream of this show and i only saw one girl stumble the whole time... impressive!



Robin said...

2010 is going to be the year of the insane shoe... neat.

Fee said...

I have to say I truly hate the shoes by McQueen, just scary!

As for the louise goldin heels, I'm quite liking...maybe not the socks hmmm but the shoes themselves look quite wearable on a night out, I am sure we will see a cheaper version of them on the high street come spring!

Interesting post missus!

Joyce said...

OMG! Did you see the Alexander McQueen ads for Target yet? They feature BLYTHE dolls!! Go here: http://chasnote.com/2009/03/04/wheres-alexander-mcqueen-target-hides-mcqueeny-dolls-at-notcot/

Raru said...

Some of them are not so bad I think. I like the first one :-)
Thanks that you share with us.