inspired by... isabel marant

here's my latest DIY fashion creation... a pair of tough chick chain-wrapped boots inspired by the footwear in isabel marant's spring ready-to-wear show.

as you can see, the designer boots are amazing... but with a price tag of $1400, they are nowhere near my budget.

to emulate the style, i used a pair of black slouchy boots i already had in my closet.  i used some black velvet ribbon i had lying around, weaving it into two five-foot lengths of large-link aluminum chain (which is lightweight and cost effective - perfect for this project).  

and... voila!  my very own cheap but chic chain-wrapped boots.  i can't wait to wear these when the weather starts cooling down!



Robin said...

nice work!

bananas. said...

LOVE IT!!! i may have to try this. but how did you get them to stay on tne boot w/o falling down?

315thomas said...

i just wrap them around pretty tightly and then tie the ends in a knot... they kind of stay in place because the boots are slouchy.


mamajoy said...

Wow! Amazingly cool!!