happy birthday to me!

{thanks for remembering, etsy!}

today is my 25th birthday!  with a big move, a new place, and a lot of improvements in my personal life, i feel like last year was one of the best i've had so far, and i'm really looking forward to seeing what 25 has in store for me.

this past weekend i had a super fun party (featuring karaoke, amazing mexican food, and lots of margaritas!) with some great friends and family, and tonight i'm celebrating again with a fun dinner and trivia night at the pop shop.  so far, 25 is pretty spectacular!


p.s. check out my birthday-themed fashion finds at papernstitch today at 2 p.m. eastern!


Robin said...


happy birthday!

you're the coolest 25 year old i know...

you're also the hottest 25 year old i know, so that makes you very mysterious, which only adds to your coolness and hotness!

Huayruro said...

Happy Birthday
Feliz Cumpleaños

picciolo said...

happy birthday!
: )

Angela said...

Happy Birthday!!