inspiration . . . textiles by karen nicol

karen nicol does absolutely amazing things with embroidery and mixed media textiles.  here are some of my favorite images of her work... see more inspirational images on her website.



Mannie Vincent said...

First of all thanks for commenting on my blog (: If you are wanting to learn crochet, that woman's videos are the best! Seriosuly! She teaches all kinds of stitches and projects! I wish you the best in trying it out!

Second of all, I loveeee that second photo in this blogspot! I'm a little French fanatic, haha (:

<3 Mannie

Mannie Vincent said...

^ not blogspot, sorry. I meant to say, "I love the second photo in this BLOG POST" (:

Debbie Gootter said...

These are just amazing- thanks for sharing them

TOTART by MaritereCR said...

Lesley, this is beautiful!!!! Lovely inspiration!!! Would love to make some photographic art with a similar flower motif! Hope you have a nice week!